How long will it take to replace my oil tank?

It normally takes our technicians less than three hours to replace a residential oil tank.

What about the oil in my tank?

Our technicians pump the oil from your tank to a holding tank in our truck, remove the old tank, install a new tank and pump your oil back into the new tank.

How will you dispose of the hazardous sludge?

The sludge is placed in a transfer container and brought to our facility for processing. It will then be removed by a hazardous waste processor under an EPA manifest.

Where will the old tank go?

The old tank will be taken to a certified scrap metal processor where we will obtain a disposal receipt.

Is your work warranted?

Our work is covered by a one year full warranty on materials and service.

Are any rebates available?

Local and national oil heat associations occasionally offer rebate incentives for heating equipment upgrades. Please call for information.

What is a containment tray?

What is a containment tray?

A containment tray is a sturdy plastic tray that is placed beneath the tank. It can be easily slipped between the legs of existing tanks. It's an inexpensive preventive maintenance precaution against leaks, drips or spills. See the example below.